Dance With The Devil Reviews

The Near North News said “Rarely is a novel as up to date…. The reader isn’t sure if it’s the front page of a newspaper or a novel….”


The Book Reader said “This provocative plot has its roots in the bombing of the World Trade Center, but its reach grabs fundamentalist Americans too. Arlington’s novel [is] hard to put down. Frightening possibilities of extremism, domestic and international.”


BookWorld said, “a page turner extraordinaire guaranteed to keep you awake and breathless way past bedtime, this riveting work of fiction relentlessly pushes the reader into a race against the clock.”


An Amazon Reader

Dance With the Devil is jammed with excitment! This book contains a lot of information about the government, its’ military, and the news business in our society, but it is presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. J.C. Arlington remindeds me of Mary Higgins Clark with the way the reader is kept informed of all persons involved in the story with small sections of information within each chapter. Religious fundamentalism and politics is mixed in a way that does not offend the reader. Dance with the Devil is a highly charged book that would make an excellent action-packed movie. It is a must read!

An Amazon Reader

This book moved so fast that I was up until the wee hours of the night. I had to see how it was going to come out. This book is right out of CNN, or something like that. It reminded me about the guy they’re looking for who is accused of bombing the abortion clinics. This book is about the religious right teaming up with foreign terroists who try to violently overthrow the government. It’s also about a hero who is sadly dragged into the mess and learns of the plot. I recommend this book for people who love a fast paced thriller with some political content. It’s at the same time scary.

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