Red Horse Rode Out Reviews

From DTL

The book reminded me of “All Quiet On The Western Front.” The emotions and experiences of the characters are so very relevant to today’s situation in Iraq.

It is a poignant reminder of the ugliest nature of history repeating itself at the expense of the naive and guileless young.

From GGBB1

I found A Red Horse Rode Out to be a fine character-study of how young soldiers become indoctrinated into the ways of war, be it World War One, or current conflicts notwithstanding.


A Red Horse Rode Out is first-rate historical fiction depicting a turning point in not only the lives of young men, but that of a young America.

From kpb

This historical novel is action-packed. It blends fast-paced drama with true events.

From M.K. Eissler

This book starts out a little slow, but gains momentum. It tells the story of the real Lost Brigade of WWI. I learned American History at the same time I was entertained. The ending was quite emotional.


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